BETADINE® Voted ‘Product of the Year’ in Healthcare & Feminine Care Categories




PRESS RELEASE                                                                                                                                         4 April 2019

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Cape Town, 4 April 2019: The BETADINE® Antiseptic and Daily Intimate Care ranges have both been voted ‘Product of the Year 2019’ in the South AfricanConsumer Survey of Product Innovation, following a survey of 4,000 South African households by Nielsen.

BETADINE® is an important and well-established consumer healthcare brand within Mundipharma South Africa’s wider portfolio. It has been used by hospitals, doctors and consumers around the world for over 55 years

The BETADINE® portfolio comprises a comprehensive range of products in the Wound Care, Oral Care, Scalp Care and Feminine Care categories, which are available over the counter in pharmacies and are used in hospitals.

BETADINE® Antiseptics, which contain the active ingredient povidone-iodine (PVP-I), have been proven to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses that cause the spread of infectious diseases.1-3

BETADINE® products that contain PVP-I are available in a number of different formulations but all have the same purpose – to provide broad‐spectrum protection and support against infections1-3 – and can be important components in families’ first aid kits and medicine cabinets.

The recent launch of the BETADINE™ Daily Intimate Care range represents the brand’s expansion into the feminine care category in South Africa. The range comprises three unique products – Intimate Foam, Intimate Wash and Intimate Wipes – which provide daily protection from unwanted symptoms associated with pH imbalance, such as odour, itch or irritation.4

Made from all-natural ingredients, including prebiotics, and with a unique TRI-CARE+™ formulation, BETADINE™ Daily Intimate Care products provide women with gentle protection all day long.4-8

Mundipharma South Africa General Manager, Shannon te Roller, said: “Following the establishment of Mundipharma South Africa in 2011, we took back control of the BETADINE® brand in 2014 and have been actively building and expanding the brand since then. The fact that BETADINE® has been voted ‘Product of the Year’ in two categories by consumers is a testament to both the work that we’ve put in and the quality of the products.

“Historically, BETADINE® has been recognized as a successful high-quality treatment brand. 2018 was milestone in terms of moving into the daily care space – Mundipharma introduced the BETADINE™ Intimate Cleansers range line of cosmetic products designed specifically for daily intimate hygiene needs of South African Women”. Its immediate success is very pleasing.”


®: BETADINE is a Registered Trademark

™: TRI-CARE+ is a Trademark of Mundipharma

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Shannon te Roller
General Manager Mundipharma (Pty) Ltd


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S0 Betadine® Antiseptic Ointment. Contains povidone-iodine 10 % w/w.

Reference No. G1574 (Act 101/1965).
S0 Betadine® Antiseptic Solution. Contains povidone-iodine 10 % w/v.
Reference No. G1570 (Act 101/1965).
S0 Betadine® First Aid Cream. Contains povidone-iodine 5 % w/w.
Registration No. 27/13.1/0062.
S0 Betadine® Medicated Shampoo. Contains povidone-iodine 4 % w/v.
Reference No. G1572 (Act 101/1965).
S0 Betadine® Mouthwash & Gargle. Contains povidone-iodine 1 % w/v.
Contains ethanol.  Registration No. C/16.4/142.
Please refer to the package inserts for full prescribing information.

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PRESS RELEASE                                                                                         22 March 2018

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Recently a dream came true for Daniel Moleka, owner of RedThread Apparel X, when he was invited to showcase his IMMORTAL collection by RedThread at the very first Fashion Street Show in the history of the Cannes Film Festival in collaboration with the international TV channel, LUXE-TV, with the support of the City of Cannes. The Fashion Street Show is sponsored by Maison Prada.  As this is the biggest opportunity he has had so far for 2018, he will be focusing on developing this collection and getting the brand out there.

2018 promises to be a year packed with opportunity and challenges for Daniel who has transitioned from school to FEDISA Fashion Design School in Cape Town.  He says, “FEDISA has taught me so much in the two months I have been there and it has made me realise that there is a lot I didn’t know about the industry.”

He adds, “My inspiration for collections hasn’t changed since leaving school but it has become much more complex, with a much more sophisticated thought process going into each collection.”

Another feather in his cap is the fact that his garments are being worn by celebrities, such as MTV presenter, Kim Jade.  Influencer, Donovan Fernando, host of SA Men’s Week, was also wearing RedThread during SA Men’s Week.

Added to his busy schedule is a recent collaboration with designer, Jean Paul Larmy, who, he says,  has a very good touch when it comes to haute couture and a good knowledge of the industry.  He says  they manage to create garments that appeal to both young and old when they put their ideas together.

Daniel experienced a trial by fire last year when he showcased selected garments at the No Zleep Fashion Show at The Castle of Good Hope.  It was his first show so he was quite excited but also afraid. This experience taught him a lot about what to expect during a fashion show. By having the rapper, Si Xiazi, perform during his show he wanted to show how the youth in Cape Town are all connected.

Daniel, who has two collections under his belt so far, namely Elysian Fields and No Zleep, is working on his upcoming collection called IMMORTALS which will be a mix of street wear and haute couture.

When asked if he will keep his designs purely unisex for now, he said yes but that he will eventually make the move to a pure female collection but, for now, he is trying to make men’s fashion wilder.

Daniel, who says that the design comes first for him, then he goes out looking for the best fabric for the design, aspires to just do what he loves doing all his life. He adds, “I’ve been looking for a specific purpose as everything has always been chosen for me.  I didn’t really have much of a choice.  RedThread was the first thing that I decided to do on my own. When I started RedThread I didn’t really know much about the fashion industry. I just had the passion for it. I keep learning new things every day and honestly it’s something that I love to do. I love RedThread and I hope that I can get far with it. To me it’s not about the money or the fame. It’s all about getting my vision and my art out there and I appreciate all my clients and I’m really thankful to them for appreciating what I do. I also have a few people who are helping me to make my vision a reality and I’m forever grateful to them.”

RedThread Apparel X garments can be ordered directly via the RedThread Facebook page  and Instagram account @redthread_apparel_/.
Readers who require more information can contact Daniel Moleka on 064 055 5097 or .



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PRESS RELEASE                                                                                                         7 June 2018


Daniel Cannes image

For Daniel Moleka, co-owner of RedThread Apparel X, which recently showcased at the first ever street fashion show in conjunction with the Cannes Film Festival, Cannes was a very good experience.

He says, “I’ve learnt a lot about the industry internationally and have fallen in love with the city. I had a chance to talk to fellow designers there like JMH, Fabrice Zaady Sullivan and many others, as well as with Virgil Abloh, the creative director of Louis Vuitton, whom he met at an event. They have been in the industry for quite a long time and it was wonderful that The Immortal Collection was appreciated by all and it has been a tremendous honour to have been invited to showcase again next year.

What I’ve learnt from my trip is that I still have a lot to learn.  The industry is extremely big.  They pay minute attention to detail and craftsmanship. The detail that goes into designing is very challenging. There are many elements to a garment, such as small things like using fabric covered buttons or mass produced plastic buttons, the trim on a pocket, using different fabrics together for instance suede and silk.  There are endless possibilities. Ultimately the consumer is king. They need to feel unique.”

Daniel has also been invited to showcase in Paris this year.  However, he realises that he should possibly really refocus his attention on craftsmanship and on processing all he has learnt from Cannes.

The future certainly looks bright for Daniel who will be going into a collaboration with Issa Leo owner, Issa Lopez, who produces iconic garments aimed at the modern man. Together, they aim to create a unique and exciting blend of elegant wear and street clothing. The launch will take place at 17h00 on 15 June at 75 Loop Street.

Daniel will also be showcasing for the first time at SA Men’s Week (SAMW). He says it’s a blessing and a very good opportunity to show the Immortal Collection to the South African market.  He will be showcasing at 15h00 on 7 July.  Tickets are available on the SAMW website.

When the brand attained a certain level, Daniel wasn’t able to finance it himself any longer and approached Rawbank, a leading commercial bank in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Readers who require more information can go to or the RedThread Facebook page and Instagram account or contact Daniel Moleka on 064 055 5097 or


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PRESS RELEASE                                                                                   24 January 2019

Malan and Marius


Lack of cohesion in healthcare impacts on patient health

The predicament facing healthcare at present is the huge disconnect between doctors, patients and pharmacists that impacts most on the well-being of patients. The reality is that co-operation between doctors and pharmacists is vital in ensuring patient medication adherence.  However, this does not always happen and the general practitioner, the gatekeeper to health, faces a daily administration nightmare in managing patients’ health outcomes.

To address the issue, Marius van der Westhuizen, the chief architect and Product Manager of Intermedix South Africa, developed the iCanScript™ e-scripting solution.  The result is that Intermedix has partnered with CompuGroup Medical SA (CGM SA), a subsidiary of CompuGroup Medical SE, one of the world’s leading medical information technology companies. CGM synchronizes healthcare delivery by developing solutions for healthcare professionals and has more than 400 000 customers worldwide.

Intermedix now proudly offers iCanScript™, an e-scripting application developed in South Africa and powered by CGM SA. iCanScript™ is currently used by more than 1 000 doctors in South Africa and the number is growing.

What is e-scripting?

Following a patient’s diagnosis, a medical prescription is issued. The digital version of this process is known as e-scripting. The iCanScript™ e-scripting platform makes use of Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) for a quick, easy and secure prescription platform that streamlines the prescription process. Doctors can now create a digital script and sign it with a password or PIN using their personal AES. The patient then selects an e-script-enabled pharmacy from the doctor’s application, to which the e-script is routed. The pharmacist prepares the prescription and the medication is ready for collection.  The doctor receives an electronic notification once medicine has been dispensed to ensure knowledge of the patient’s medication compliance.

Dr Eloise Malan, an independent medical practitioner, who was the first doctor in Africa to send a fully legally compliant e-script to an enabled pharmacy, said, “At first, I was reluctant, but the benefits convinced us.  The connection between the doctor and the pharmacy and knowing that my script is going straight to the pharmacy is great. Instead of sitting in the evenings catching up on admin, emailing and answering requests for repeat scripts, I can do it there and then during a consultation.”

How is it legally compliant?

In reference to the legitimacy of the iCanScriptTM platform, Jackie Maimin, a practising pharmacist and the CEO of the Independent Community Pharmacy Association (ICPA), commented, “A script belongs to the patient and only becomes the property of the pharmacist once the prescription has been dispensed in full. There is a lot of uncertainty around the validity of electronic and digital scripts. What I can say, is that in my opinion, iCanScript™ fulfils the legal requirements for an electronic prescription as outlined in Regulation 33 of the General Regulations of The Medicines Act.”

Doctors go through a fingerprinting process authenticated by the Department of Home Affairs (See footnote.) before being issued with their personal AES certificate to use when digitally signing all their medical and clinical documents.

In his review regarding the iCanScriptTM e-scripting solution with the new AES of the doctor, Mr Pierre Marais, a respected attorney who specialises in  SA healthcare legislation, said, “We are therefore of the opinion that the iCanScript TM e-scripting model ensures satisfactory controls in respect of the safe dispensing of medicine on prescription of a doctor, which safeguards include the integrity of the medicines prescribed, easy detection of any amendment to the original  prescription as intended by the doctor or tampering with the signature of the doctor and the fact that the prescription is kept in a readily accessible manner for reference purposes and is therefore lawful with complete or full impunity for doctors, against charges of unprofessional conduct or unethical conduct by the HPCSA in terms of rule 17 of the Ethical Rules for Doctors.”

Maimin continued, “There is a study that shows that there is a R12,5 billion (5,6% of total health expenditure) avoidable cost opportunity and that significant contributors to this are non-adherence and medication errors. Non-adherence is the largest cost, where, on average, a patient only fills 7 out of 12 prescriptions each year. Some don’t even fill the first one. With e-scripting one can see exactly what is happening with a prescription. For non-adherence, the avoidable cost opportunity is estimated at R5,6 billion – this is where patients don’t take their medication and end up in hospital or require other expensive interventions. Dispensing errors also creep in when pharmacists can’t read the script or misread it in terms of the actual medication or strength. With e-scripting there is no chance of a translocation error.

“It’s an absolute no brainer. It is efficient, reduces costs and reduces errors.  In addition, doctors will know exactly what is dispensed for the patient. This is an important sharing of information as sometimes patients decline certain items on the script and the prescriber should be aware of this.”

The benefits of e-scripting

iCanScript™ with AES is beneficial to doctors, pharmacists and patients alike.

Doctors can be assured that patients receive the correct medication. In addition, access to detailed digital records will allow doctors to review historic prescriptions on a patient’s profile for quick review of compliance and re-issue of repeat prescriptions.  The system is quick, safe and secure and confidentiality and integrity of digital scripts are guaranteed, as prescriptions cannot be altered once signed with an AES.

Patient care is enhanced through the accuracy of digital prescriptions as pharmacists do not have to decipher what medication or strength was written on a prescription. Patients select a pharmacy of their choice for collection or delivery of their prescribed medication and the pharmacy prepares the script on receipt of the digital script. There is no more waiting in queues for the patient. There will also be reduced co-payments as the doctor, who has access to the formulary medication approved by medical aid schemes, can select appropriate medication that is approved by the patient’s medical scheme.

For the pharmacist, there is improved workflow efficiency as a result of the automated delivery of the e-script into the pharmacy practice management system. There is also high-quality customer service as prescriptions and prescribed minimum benefits claims are prepared before the patient collects the medication. In addition, there is the potential for reduced medical errors as digital scripts are highly legible and require less typing input from the pharmacist when filling the script.

Why is e-scripting a big deal

According to Marius van der Westhuizen, all parties in the health ecosystem are now for the first time connected and accountable as part of a multi-disciplinary team taking care of the patient’s health outcomes. He adds, “The patient is co-responsible for his/her healthcare and is involved in his/her healthcare journey, the pharmacist together with the patient drives adherence and the doctor can see what the patient is taking, leading to improved patient care and health outcomes.

“In addition, there is no cost for issuing the AES to doctors or for the use of the e-scripting technology, as it is imbedded in the practice management software.”

Dr Bruce Longmore, from Sizimpilo Medical Consulting in KZN, highlights another reason why e-scripting is a big deal and says, “Scripting is a critical part of the consultation process. Having the ability to access medicine databases and view generic substitution allows us to create legible, accurate and cost-efficient scripts. AES is the only way to protect the identity of the doctor and help combat fraud, waste and abuse in the healthcare sector.

“Sending scripts directly to the chosen pharmacy’s dispensing software allows for swift and accurate dispensing. It also improves patients’ adherence to fill their prescriptions.”

Van der Westhuizen concludes, “We are proud to have finally found a solution to the great disconnect in SA healthcare to ensure improved health outcomes for patients by bridging the gap between doctor and pharmacist. The roll-out of AES installations is being handled in a phased approach starting the in the Western Cape and Gauteng, with the rest of South Africa to follow shortly.”

Readers who require more information, can contact Marius van der Westhuizen at  or visit


The National Department of Health has gazetted the use of AES digital signed prescriptions as per Section 37 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions (ECT) Act, 2002 (Act No 25 of 2002) and the proclamation appeared in the Government Gazette 41064 (No 859) Section 34 dated 25 August 2017 in terms of section 35 of the Medicines and Related Substances Act, 1965 (Act no 101 of 1965). The act can be accessed at




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Press Release - Christmas in July


8 May 2017

Award-winning agents at Fine & Country Bethlehem and Clarens

“Commercial banks own 55% of debt in the agricultural sector and because land remains an excellent investment, commercial banks will keep on investing in this sector irrespective of business uncertainty.” This is according to Johan Delport of Standard Bank.

Adding to this, Francois Human of the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein says, “Regardless of negative sentiments from various sources, the demand for agricultural land keeps increasing and the land prices in most cases increase by 10% above inflation each year.”

In view of favourable climate conditions, which are the determining factor for the ultimate production potential and risk, farmers can confidently invest in the Eastern Free State. The diversity of agriculture in this area makes farming sustainable and profitable naturally attracting farmers. The area has some of the best livestock and crop farms in South Africa and game farming is also on the increase. Bethlehem, the central main town in the Eastern Free State, is situated on the Liebenbergs River in a fertile valley and it offers a unique infrastructure for surrounding areas with its excellent schools, a private hospital and two government hospitals. With its high annual rainfall and fertile farming land, it will remain one of the most sought-after farming areas in South Africa.

Bearing in mind factors in farmers’ decision making when purchasing land, i.e. the importance of soil conditions, Fine & Country Bethlehem and Clarens work closely with a highly qualified soil scientist and agronomist to ensure buyers get the most up-to-date information.

Agronomy is the science and technology of producing and using plants for food, fuel, fibre and land reclamation. Agronomy has come to encompass work in the areas of plant genetics, plant physiology, meteorology and soil science.

Explains Karin Schwim, principal owner of Fine & Country, Bethlehem and Clarens, “At Fine & Country Bethlehem and Clarens we specialise in marketing agricultural properties and believe in delivering the best service to our clients. Our areas of operation include the entire Eastern Free State and we specialise in productive farms as well as lifestyle farms.

She adds, “We believe in empowering ourselves with the necessary knowledge and expertise in the agricultural sector to enable us to assist our clients in making the right decisions when purchasing a farm. Knowledge is power. Our mission is, therefore, to empower prospective clients with enough information to make an informed decision when investing in agricultural property.

“The purchase of high-potential agricultural land is a costly affair. Different soil types react in different ways, so you want to make sure you get the right kind for your needs. It is important that the buyer is aware of the production potential of a farm and that is why we have joined forces with a highly qualified soil scientist and agronomist.”

This attention to detail is no doubt why Fine & Country Bethlehem and Clarens swept the board at the recent Fine & Country licensee convention at the Arabella Golf Resort near Hermanus.

Fine & Country Bethlehem and Clarens estate agents did exceptionally well and the accolades awarded to them were as follows

• Karin Schwim, Principal Owner, was awarded Top-Twenty Membership for Sales Unit Turnover and for Sales Commission Turnover for Fine & Country Sub-Saharan Africa 2017

• Adri Fourie, Rental Agent, was awarded Top-Ten Membership for Rentals Unit Turnover and Top-Ten Membership for Rentals Commission Turnover for Fine & Country Sub-Saharan Africa 2017

• Hazel van Dyk, Agricultural Property Specialist, was awarded Top-Twenty Membership for Sales Commission Turnover

Linda Erasmus, CEO of Fine & Country Sub-Saharan Africa, said, “Karin Schwim, the principal owner of Fine & Country Bethlehem and Clarens balances her agency with strong agents working together making the experience of potential buyers the best. She also has a long history of working in the area as an agent herself, which gives buyers the best possible advantage. Congratulations again to Fine & Country Bethlehem and Clarens for their wins at the recent Fine & Country licensee convention and the outstanding job they continue to do.”

Readers can contact Karin Schwim on 058 303 2333 or or visit

Rosemary Hare Public Relations
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