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Pharmaceutical PR Specialists

Today’s consumer-patients are more empowered than ever before through the information they can access online and the knowledge they bring into the doctor’s office.  

In this rapidly evolving environment, public relations is an invaluable communication tool. By communicating with consumers via independent and trusted sources, which include appropriate online and offline media, consumer PR cost-effectively helps to build consumer-patients’ interest in learning more about a disease and its treatment.  Plus, public relations has the ability to deliver balanced and objective information to the medical profession; and can be cost-effectively employed throughout a product’s life cycle, for both new and long-standing products.

Rosemary Hare Public Relations understands that medical journalists and healthcare practitioners are no longer a pharmaceutical company’s only target audience; and that this shift requires considering the needs of the consumer-patient in product education and building brand awareness. This brings exciting opportunities to develop a multi-faceted communication campaign, and to build deeper bonds with the end-user through creating impactful stories to reach an increasingly discerning audience.

We are experienced at promoting pharmaceutical brands

Over a 30-year career as a communication specialist, founder Rosemary Hare, has successfully launched, publicised and managed products, sports and special events for pharmaceutical companies, such as Warner Lambert and Parke-Davis.

We can help you take a much more integrated approach

Beyond just conveying pertinent scientific information, it is important to craft a story about the value that a pharmaceutical company or product is bringing to the marketplace.

We are specialists in getting the attention of the right media

Rosemary believes that a key strength of public relations lies in its capacity to build credibility through brands and products being associated with the integrity, and clout of the media or channel in which their message appears.  Targeted communication is vital to make sure the right messages are reaching appropriate target groups. For pharmaceutical companies these include healthcare professionals, such as doctors and pharmacists, as well as the end-user: the consumer-patient.

pharmaceutical pr