8 May 2017

Award-winning agents at Fine & Country Bethlehem and Clarens

“Commercial banks own 55% of debt in the agricultural sector and because land remains an excellent investment, commercial banks will keep on investing in this sector irrespective of business uncertainty.” This is according to Johan Delport of Standard Bank.

Adding to this, Francois Human of the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein says, “Regardless of negative sentiments from various sources, the demand for agricultural land keeps increasing and the land prices in most cases increase by 10% above inflation each year.”

In view of favourable climate conditions, which are the determining factor for the ultimate production potential and risk, farmers can confidently invest in the Eastern Free State. The diversity of agriculture in this area makes farming sustainable and profitable naturally attracting farmers. The area has some of the best livestock and crop farms in South Africa and game farming is also on the increase. Bethlehem, the central main town in the Eastern Free State, is situated on the Liebenbergs River in a fertile valley and it offers a unique infrastructure for surrounding areas with its excellent schools, a private hospital, and two government hospitals. With its high annual rainfall and fertile farming land, it will remain one of the most sought-after farming areas in South Africa.

Bearing in mind factors in farmers’ decision making when purchasing land, i.e. the importance of soil conditions, Fine & Country Bethlehem and Clarens work closely with a highly qualified soil scientist and agronomist to ensure buyers get the most up-to-date information.

Agronomy is the science and technology of producing and using plants for food, fuel, fiber and land reclamation. Agronomy has come to encompass work in the areas of plant genetics, plant physiology, meteorology and soil science.

Explains Karin Schwim, principal owner of Fine & Country, Bethlehem, and Clarens, “At Fine & Country Bethlehem and Clarens we specialise in marketing agricultural properties and believe in delivering the best service to our clients. Our areas of operation include the entire Eastern Free State and we specialise in productive farms as well as lifestyle farms.

She adds, “We believe in empowering ourselves with the necessary knowledge and expertise in the agricultural sector to enable us to assist our clients in making the right decisions when purchasing a farm. Knowledge is power. Our mission is, therefore, to empower prospective clients with enough information to make an informed decision when investing in agricultural property.

“The purchase of high-potential agricultural land is a costly affair. Different soil types react in different ways, so you want to make sure you get the right kind for your needs. It is important that the buyer is aware of the production potential of a farm and that is why we have joined forces with a highly qualified soil scientist and agronomist.”

This attention to detail is no doubt why Fine & Country Bethlehem and Clarens swept the board at the recent Fine & Country licensee convention at the Arabella Golf Resort near Hermanus.

Fine & Country Bethlehem and Clarens estate agents did exceptionally well and the accolades awarded to them were as follows

  • Karin Schwim, Principal Owner, was awarded Top-Twenty Membership for Sales Unit Turnover and for Sales Commission Turnover for Fine & Country Sub-Saharan Africa 2017
  • Adri Fourie, Rental Agent, was awarded Top-Ten Membership for Rentals Unit Turnover and Top-Ten Membership for Rentals Commission Turnover for Fine & Country Sub-Saharan Africa 2017
  • Hazel van Dyk, Agricultural Property Specialist, was awarded Top-Twenty Membership for Sales Commission Turnover



Linda Erasmus, CEO of Fine & Country Sub-Saharan Africa, said, “Karin Schwim, the principal owner of Fine & Country Bethlehem and Clarens balances her agency with strong agents working together making the experience of potential buyers the best. She also has a long history of working in the area as an agent herself, which gives buyers the best possible advantage. Congratulations again to Fine & Country Bethlehem and Clarens for their wins at the recent Fine & Country licensee convention and the outstanding job they continue to do.”


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